Adaptive Cycling is an accessible sport. It’s for recreational participants. It’s for competitive participants. It’s an inclusive activity—it’s for people who want to cycle with their friends or family members who ride conventional bicycles.

Most authorities recommend that riders try different types and styles of cycles before purchasing their own. That’s where we come in!

SportAbility invites riders new to adaptive cycling to our Community Ride. The Community Ride is for designed for people with physical disabilities and visual impairments who want to learn more about adaptive cycling, meet other local riders, and enjoy group rides. Programs for adults and children will be held throughout the year, depending on weather conditions. Experienced riders are invited to participate.

Our experienced staff will help fit riders on the equipment and give advice on how to choose the right cycle. Rides will be from one mile up to 20 miles or more. Experienced riders can pair up with newer riders to act as a “Ride Mentor.” Tandem rides for people with visual impairments will also be available.