We are always looking for individuals and businesses to join us in our mission to make adapted sports available to everyone across the country!

How you can become a partner

           Annual Corporate Sponsorship


Ability Sponsor $1,000
Sport Sponsor $5,000
Adapt Sponsor $10,000
OVERCOME $20,000
Panther GOLD $30,000+


  • Ability  – Go towards single event, Athlete Sponsor or Ability Equipment
  • Sport Runs 6 week program, Ability Equipment or 2 event Sponsor
  • AdaptPays for two 6 week programs, Ability Equipment, or 4 event Sponsor
  • OVERCOMEDesignated Sport sponsor, Ability Equipment or Vehicle Sponsor
  • Panther GOLDProject sponsor or Ability Equipment 


All sponsorship’s are based on level of sponsorship. For higher Sponsorship package, please contact us directly to schedule a meeting. You can contact our office at (319) 269-4965 or e-mail Vincen@SportAbilityofIowa.org to become a sponsor today.  More information on programs, events and individuals SportAbilty of Iowa provides programs for, can be found on our website: www.SportAbilityofIowa.org


Whether you would like to help us with our expenses, lend a hand at some of our events, or share your talents and experience with our Board of Directors, there is a place for you on the SportAbility team.

Let us know how you would like to help.