Kayla Nunemaker

Youth Director - Board Member

Kayla has a passion for kids and the youth. She came to SportAbility to coach and mentor with her loving attitude.

Kevin Nebergall

Tennis Expert USTA - Board Member

Serving as our Tennis Expert, Kevin’s pure dedication to SportAbility and belief that anyone can play tennis makes him a huge asset to our organization.

Vincen Liddle


Following his spinal cord injury in 2007, Vincen Liddle grabbed a basketball chair and took to the court. He has a drive and passion to provide adapted sports. Always looking to provide new opportunities through making partnerships and connections.

Jack Eherenman

Camp Founder - Board Member

Jack Eherenman, co-founder of the Adapted Sports Camp at UNI, has dedicated his life to educating and providing adapted sports opportunities across the state of Iowa. “Life’s challenges are not overcome by one’s talent, but by one’s heart.”

Jayden Barrett

Advisory Board

Diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease in 2007 that stole much of his vision and use of his legs, Jayden has a passion for showing people what they’re truly capable of.

Amy Van Der Kamp


Amy Van Der Kamp uses her remarkable marketing talents and refreshing perspective on life to prove time and time again she is not defined by a rare autoimmune disease she was diagnosed with at the age of 18.