SportAbility of Iowa is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded January 1, 2010 that provides ongoing sports and recreation programs to help people in the local community with physical disabilities to enjoy an active lifestyle. We collaborate with community partners, University of Iowa, physical therapists, trainers, Veteran’s Administration, coaches and volunteers to sponsor local competitive sports and recreational activities.


  • Empowerment – participation in sport and physical activity contributes to autonomy, personal independence, and self-reliance.

  • Inclusion – providing the necessary individual adaptations, accommodations, and supports so everyone can benefit equally from participation in community experiences.

  • Diversity – a celebration of individual differences, encompassing acceptance and respect.


SportAbility of Iowa seeks to empower individuals with physical disabilities in eastern Iowa through participation in inclusive sport and recreation activities, while demonstrating to the community the importance of acceptance and respect of diverse populations.


Sportability addresses the barriers that prevent people with physical disabilities from participating in sports and recreation by providing

  • Organized Programs
  • Trained Leadership
  • Adaptive Equipment

SportAbility of Iowa also works to change societal attitudes and stereotypes by educating others through our involvement in community events and speaking engagements. If you are a member of an organization or group that is looking for speakers, contact us.

Our Programs

Standing tennis is the form of the game most people think about when the word “tennis” is mentioned, and the majority of participants are people without physical disabilities. Standing Tennis players can play along with wheelchair players.

Wheelchair tennis is for anyone who can’t play standing tennis for any reason. All you need is the ability to use your arms to propel a wheelchair and swing a racquet.

Adaptive Cycling is an accessible sport for recreational and competitive participants. It’s an inclusive activity for people who want to cycle with friends or family.

Take a look at our Event Calendar, and see if we have something coming up that would interest you!

As one of the first sports introduced into the Paralympics, Wheelchair Basketball is a fast-paced sport with most rules the same as traditional basketball with a few adaptations. If you like to know more about Wheelchair Basketball, please visit www.NWBA.org

Power Soccer is played in a power chair on a basketball court. Equipment includes an attachable front guard on the power chair, a larger soccer ball, and cones to mark the court.