SAI Adapted Sports Camp 2015

June 17th – 20th

Registration for SAI Adapted Sports Camp is now open!

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Welcome to SportAbility of Iowa!

We are a Paralympic Sport Club of Eastern Iowa and our mission is to provide inclusive sport and recreational activities to individuals of all ages, with and without physical disabilities and visual impairments, throughout eastern Iowa. We pledge to educate the community regarding the benefits of participation in physical activity for all persons with disabilities, and to advocate for their inclusion in all aspects of society.

“Life’s challenges are not overcome by one’s talent, but by one’s heart.” – Jack Eherenman

Benefits of inclusive adapted sports


The fitness and overall health improvements achieved through participating in these activities is huge. In a society where obesity has become a major health issue, the physical fitness advantages cannot be denied.


Inclusive adapted sports equip people of all ages with the tools to develop inner will, integrity, coping mechanisms, faith, confidence, and goals that will last for the rest of their life.


Through our programs participants will meet and develop relationships with people that share similar life experiences. This helps tremendously with creating healthy relationships that benefit both the participant now as well as future relationships.


By taking part in inclusive sports, participants soon begin to realize that they are far more capable than they originally thought. Challenged and able bodied athletes are brought together. This is all done through an idea that not long ago was unheard of.

SportAbility Programs

Our program’s consist of year-round weekly sport practices, seasonal clinics, and annual camps.


Click on a sport that interests you to learn more.

Standing Tennis

Standing tennis is the form of the game most people think about when the word “tennis” is mentioned, and the majority of participants are people without physical disabilities. Standing Tennis players can play along with wheelchair players.

Wheelchair Tennis

Wheelchair tennis is for anyone who can’t play standing tennis for any reason. All you need is the ability to use your arms to propel a wheelchair and swing a racquet.


Adaptive Cycling is an accessible sport for recreational and competitive participants. It’s an inclusive activity for people who want to cycle with friends or family.

Event Calendar

Take a look at our Event Calendar, and see if we have something coming up that would interest you!

Wheelchair Basketball

As one of the first sports introduced into the Paralympics, Wheelchair Basketball is a fast-paced sport with most rules the same as traditional basketball with a few adaptations.

Wheelchair Softball

Wheelchair Softball is played on a hard surface. Equipment includes 16″ softballs, regulation bats and NO gloves using a tee or with live pitching.

Our Athletes

SportAbility of Iowa offers inclusive sport and recreation programs for people of all ages with physical disabilities and visual impairments throughout the eastern Iowa Corridor. We believe in complete inclusion, meaning our sports are both for people with and without disabilities.

Meet the team

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Mario Bennett
Mario Bennett

Mario Bennett, AKA Hook Shot, has been playing Wheelchair Basketball for almost 20 years.

Jordan Houdeshell
Jordan Houdeshell

Jordan Houdeshell had no interest in sports, until SportAbility showed him he was capable of anything.

Jon Litzkow
Jon Litzkow

Jon Litzkow holds the all-time Iowa record for the 100, 200, and 400 meter dashes in track, and he does it with his arms.

Our Partners

As a nonprofit, SportAbility of Iowa does not make any money through our programs or camps. Any money brought in goes directly to funding our projects.

What we do is possible because of our partners. Are you interested in changing the way our world sees disabilities?
Goodwill of the Heartland
USA Paralympics
JVA Mobility